Wednesday 7 March 2018

What happens when we find time to really relax and let go!

Ka Huna massage is a little different to a normal massage you might get in a shopping centre or in a clinic.
There's many defining points - One example is when a client comes out of the massage and gives me a knowing smile, like one this week. She said simply: "I have had a lot of massage but truly, that was my number one of all time, it was really The Best Massage of my Life! What a way to treat myself and husband on our anniversary. It was perfect...."

Words like that can tell a lot about the experience and what it means to that person. KaHuna is a celebration of elements, movements and intention. It all comes together like a blossoming flower! Celebrate life and your special part in this creation on earth, come home to yourself the Hawaiian way. You'll be blessed from the heavens if you do.