Monday 26 March 2012

Stress and A Way to Change it.

Transforming Stress:
Virtually everything we do causes stress and that's quite natural.  Thoughts, emotions, physical activity, food, environmental conditions, - all naturally cause stress. What isn't natural, as opposed to normal is sustained stress.  The natural flow of life is a repeating cycle of stress-tension-release-relaxation-stress and so on.  The unnatural flow is something like this:-
As the release and relaxation parts of the cycle are inhibited, the stress continues to build. When the tension=stress reaches a certain point, which varies in each individual, the body begins to break down.
Five things happen simultaneously:
1 Sugar is released in the bloodstream.
2. The thymus gland contracts.
3. Muscles tense.
4. Capillaries dilate.
5. Cells release toxins.
The effect of stress described occurs all over the body to some degree.  Since all conditions of sickness in the body are stress related, according to Hawaiian sharman teaching, knowing the source of stress will be highly useful in helping bring about healing.
The source of stress is resistance.Ku'e, meaning to stand apart.
There are 4 kinds of resistance.
Physical resistance. emotional resistance, mental resistance and spiritual resistance.
The Magic Touch:
Here is an extremely simple way for someone to feel good. It consists of lightly touching a person's body while they are standing, sitting, or lying down. When done with the right attitude,  this is a willingness, from the receiver or giver, it feels amazingly nice. Stand in front of the receiver and touch him or her with fingers of alternating hands for about the length of 2 heartbeats on the crown, throat, chest, solar plexus and navel. Then use both hands on either side of the body and touch jaws, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and toes. Finish by raising your arms out to your sides and above your head, and sweeping your hands palm upwards, down in front of the receiver to hip level.
Enjoy giving and receiving this way when life gets too involved and the release will keep you on track.
Excerpts from Urban Shaman - Serge Kahili King.