Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Welcome to KaHunaland~

   Tired of work ? Come to the embrace of KaHuna Bliss. KaHuna Bliss is in a BEAUTIFUL ecovillage which is surrounded by splendid mountains and meandering rivers. You can find the most delightful relaxation here.

   Kahuna Bliss is a beautiful, soft and deep tissue massage that uses a flowing style with the use of arms, forearms and hands.  It is an ancient  Hawaiian healing system which energises the whole body from head to toe.  It allows deep states of relaxation which helps the mind to completely relax and let go, reaching alpha and delta states of the mind.   Your therapist, Karen, uses this polynesian system with love and care on her clients, leaving them feeling fantastic.  Treatments last from 1 to 2 hours depending on individual needs.

   Kahuna Bliss is based at The EcoVillage, in the tranquil Currumbin Valley only minutes from the beach.  The Eco village has received much praise  for environmental development and is highly awarded. This serene base is conducive to a blissful treatment and a lovely part of the Coast to visit. 

Step into KaHunaland and get rid of all hustle and bustle :)


Alison said...

Hi Karen - well done! I need to book in with you. Aching all over from sailing . Ali

KaHuna Bliss said...

Hi Ali,
Yes come and get those sore muscles attended to!
Let me know what time suits you....